Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy Podcast, discusses the importance of side hustles and how to leverage a healthcare education to implement them. Kickstart your side hustle brainstorming with these ideas for business opportunities to accelerate your income. 

 Episode Highlights:

  •  What are the two tax systems in the United States? 
  • The cost of living is constantly increasing. 
  • How many streams of income does the typical multi-millionaire have? 
  • What are some of the side hustles that past guests have utilized within healthcare?  
  • Which products can you sell online to earn extra income?
  • How much do public speakers get paid per event? 
  • What are some of the best reasons to create a side hustle?
  • Jason talks about the program he’s building for healthcare entrepreneur course creators.  
  • Which major companies actually began as side hustles? 

 3 Key Points:

  1. Always try to create a side hustle around your hobbies or interests.  
  2. You can become a medical blog writer if you want to work as a digital nomad on the road. 
  3. Realistic speaker fees are between $1,000 – $10,000 or $50,000+ for more famous speakers, per engagement. 

 Tweetable Quotes:

  • “They (the US government) incentivize activities to help the economy grow and they do this in the form of tax write-offs and deductions.” – Jason A. Duprat 
  • “Twelve streams of income is what the average multi-millionaire has.” – Jason A. Duprat 
  • “They (your employer) are going to do whatever’s in their best interest as a business so you need to look out for your own best interest. One of the ways to do this is to create a side hustle or multiple side hustles.” – Jason A. Duprat  


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