Dr. Brian Forrest, MD, CEO and Founder of Access Healthcare Direct, speaks with Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy Podcast. Dr. Forrest highlights how direct primary care practices are solving numerous problems in healthcare today. He also discusses how the direct primary care model works and how to drastically reduce overhead costs while spending more time delivering affordable quality care to patients.



  • Where did Dr. Forrest grow up and what was that experience like? How did he transition into healthcare?
  • What was his first model for direct primary care (DPC) and how did he ultimately arrive at his model?
  • Do most DPC providers receive a similar net take-home compared to what they’d receive if they were offering traditional insurance?
  • What’s the range of subscribers a single provider might have in a practice?
  • What kind of fee structure is Dr. Forrest seeing across the country? Are most DPC providers doing a flat fee? Are they upcharging for extra services?
  • Does the DPC network help control costs with the benefit of scale? Do DPC providers join forces to provide better discounts?
  • Do patients have to come into the practice or is there a shift towards tele-consults?
  • How does HIPAA work with the self-pay model?
  • Is there a particular EMR or software many DPC providers use?
  • Are specialty practices coming up with their own terminology for providing direct primary care?
  • Is there a directory of DPC providers?



  1. The DPC model allows doctors to spend more time caring for patients while driving down the cost of healthcare by removing administrative tasks and overhead. 
  2. Many DPC providers receive payments through a monthly subscription model, similar to paying for a gym membership. 
  3. If you’re interested in starting your own DPC practice, find a mentor who’s been working with a DPC model for several years. 



  • “We actually end up netting a better take-home on average than people in traditional fee-for-service medicine would.” – Dr. Brian Forrest
  • “The thing that’s different about direct primary care is you don’t bring patients in more than they need to come in.” – Dr. Brian Forrest


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