Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast, talks about how implementing a challenge can help you move your business forward. He discusses various levels of monetization, as well as how to provide value and generate sales.  



  • Jason recently ran a free, five-day challenge in the HEA Facebook Group using an outline as his primary planning tool. 
  • Through the group’s Facebook Insights data, he learned group engagement went up 580% and the volume of posts increased tremendously. 
  • Being live in front of an audience providing value for five days in a row establishes rapport to generate sales.
  • There are many ways to monetize a challenge with sales opportunities throughout at different price points.
  • Drop-off rates are higher with free challenges. Jason incentivized participation with raffles including gift cards and 1:1 coaching calls. 
  • Challenges are a good model to provide sales and create value. If you sell your knowledge online, challenges are the future for online courses. 
  • Jason is planning to create a paid challenge on creating and marketing an online course.
  • Jason plans to create two sections of his HEA Facebook Group: one for bricks and mortar and one for digital businesses. 



  1. Challenges are a fun way to drive engagement, provide value and generate sales. 
  2. If you’re looking to build an active Facebook Group, a challenge is a key tool to drive engagement.
  3. Challenges provide more accountability and interaction for your audience than traditional online classes.



  • “I would highly recommend you at least look into doing challenges. They’re really fun and engaging.” – Jason Duprat
  • “When people pay, they pay attention.” – Jason Duprat



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