Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast talks about how to source, advertise and hire an Executive Assistant to help you manage your business.  



  • Business owners often find themselves working “in” their business instead of working “on” their business.
  • Jason explains the difference between a Virtual Assistant (VA) and an Executive Assistant (EA).  
  • VAs are administrative professionals and most often help with customer service and email management.
  • EAs are similar but their support is tailored for the executive level. tasks often include project management, C-Suite communications, calendaring and creating financial reports and analyses. 
  • Jason is using a platform called Onlinejobs.Ph, a virtual jobs board for workers who live in the Philippines and has found great success.
  • When you advertise for an EA role, be sure to include a precise job description, company overview, mission and a bulleted list of responsibilities.
  • Weeding out job applications isn’t an easy task. Jason shares one tip he learned you can try when reviewing applications.. 
  • Another tool to consider for screening and hiring an EA is a personality test or a skills assessment.
  • Attract a “transformational” EA instead of someone “transactional.”
  • Jason strongly recommends hiring an EA before you actually find yourself drowning in day-to-day business tasks.  
  • Lastly, Jason provides an update on his continuing quest for the 75HARD Challenge.



  1. As a business owner, Jason explains why hiring an EA can greatly improve your productivity and allow you to focus your time working “on” your business instead of working “in” your business. 
  2. Whenever you think about hiring someone new, be sure to find a safe and reliable jobs board platform.
  3. Hiring someone isn’t an easy task. In order to find a top-quality candidate, make sure you share a detailed job description and ask the right interview questions.



“If they’re not willing to take 10 minutes to answer a  few questions then they’re probably not a good fit because they’re not willing to show some sort of effort.” – Jason Duprat

“You want a transformational helper…you don’t want somebody who is transactional.” – Jason Duprat



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