Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast talks about how occasionally saying no to new opportunities can help you achieve business success.  



  • Jason explains why deciding on what not to do is as important as deciding on what to do. 
  • Saying yes is an easy thing to do and it’s a trap. It’s similar to the shiny object syndrome. 
  • Jason recommends sitting on a potential opportunity for 1-2 weeks before making a final decision. Let it marinate. If you’re still enthusiastic about it, then pursue it. 
  • Recently, Jason has been approached to consider new product and service line ideas, speaking opportunities, franchise partnerships and 1:1 coaching. 
  • He’s decided to focus on his live Q&A for the Ketamine and IVT academies and to launch a new Course Creator Academy. 
  • He also agreed to speak virtually at his alma mater, University of Central Florida’s School of  Nursing to talk about what it’s like being a CRNA and business owner. . 
  • Mastering and improving your craft as a business is important before venturing out.



  1. Opportunity cost is the cost of choosing one opportunity over the other.
  2. Making smart business decisions can foster better opportunities with greater gain.
  3. Focus on doing one or two things exceptionally well as a business.



“Being the jack-of-all-trades is the surefire way to be the master of none.” – Jason Duprat  


“Once you’re in business, you can’t say yes to everything.” – Jason Duprat



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