Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast talks about the best way to manage irrational and overly demanding customers.



  • When you own a business, complaints are something you can’t escape. There are ways you can manage angry customers while maintaining the integrity of your company. 
  • Be empathetic and listen to what unsatisfied customers are saying. Put yourself in their shoes and really listen to the core reason behind their complaint. 
  • Unhappy customers are louder than happy customers. They’re going to make more noise. Always try to resolve the situation before it gets worse.
  • Managing customer expectations, especially customers who escalate easily, can be correlated to the price of your product or service.
  • Minimize the opportunity to complain. If your costs are higher, you’ll attract a higher quality customer. 
  • Believe it or not, sometimes the customer isn’t always right. Don’t be afraid to discharge them from your business. Jason shares his former general manager’s philosophy and how it resolved sticky situations in the past.
  • Don’t feel guilty about taking charge and putting a stop to irrational and insistent customers.



  1. No matter what business you’re in, there will always be customer complaints. As an entrepreneur and business owner, you must be able to resolve these as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
  2. Being empathetic with your customers and listening to them will improve your services in general. Listen, learn and apply the critical points you glean into your business’ customer service best practices.  
  3. There’s a relationship between the quality of customers you get and your price point. Price your product or service accordingly in order to avoid irrational customers.



“Unhappy customers are louder. They’re gonna make more noise than a hundred happy customers.” – Jason Duprat


“Discharge your irrational customers, because at the end of the day, it’s not worth it – as long as you know you did everything right.” – Jason Duprat





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