Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast speaks with Daniel Stanton, Founder and CEO of Now Optics. Daniel talks about his early work experiences in the optical industry and they helped him transition to entrepreneurship. Daniel shares an overview of Now Optics and the value of telehealth, and also discusses the connection between technology, innovation and passion.  



  • Daniel shares his professional journey, including how he got started in the optical  industry and his passion for entrepreneurship.
  • Creating consistency in a retail environment is the key to success, particularly across  regions, states and territories. 
  • Surround yourself with great people. Build a team that shares the same beliefs and goals. Get them to join your chaos!
  • Daniel discusses the launch of Now Optics and how he took lessons from his previous management and sales roles  to create and implement innovation in his current business.
  • Starting a business requires resources and smart decisions. Daniels’s vision for success is focused on expansion and growing the brand.
  • Innovating and maintaining a cost-efficient way of delivering to customers has helped scale his business and reduce costs. 
  • Telehealth has become a great innovation in the healthcare industry, aligning technology with medicine to provide quality service for patients.
  • The journey is the success – learn from folks in the trenches and be a student of osmosis.


  1. The healthcare industry is booming and launching ventures in this field will deliver great gains. Daniel emphasizes the need for a customer-focused approach and consistency. 
  2. Focus on your business’ expansion and branding. Spending money on a lavish office and other expenses that will bring zero return is not the right way to scale.
  3. With the pandemic, there’s a huge need for telehealth within the healthcare industry. This elevates technology and patient care to a new level while ensuring patient and provider safety. Telehealth is a big step towards providing quality care and a big venture arena entrepreneurs can explore. 



“In my view, if I had to measure success, it’s the fun and effort throughout the journey.” – Daniel Stanton


“If you’re always focused on the customer then you’re always going to make the right decisions.” – Daniel Stanton



Read about Daniel Stanton – https://nowoptics.com/leadership-team/daniel-stanton/


My EyeLab website – https://www.myeyelab.com/


Now Optics website – https://nowoptics.com/


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