Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast talks about the pros and cons of live online course programs. He explains why there’s a growing demand for live classes compared to pre-recorded and the benefits live courses offer. 



  • Online courses can be delivered in two formats. Prerecorded courses provide evergreen content and business scalability while live courses offer greater engagement and accountability.  
  • Live online courses allow you to elevate your business offer while boosting completion rates and success rates. 
  • Some of the challenges associated with prerecorded courses include a lack of accountability, the inability to network and interact, as well as learning from other students. 
  • 85% of students who pay for an online course don’t complete it.
  • With live courses, interactivity is 10-20x greater yet it’s harder to scale. 
  • You can offer more seats and charge more for the value-added benefits of live courses. 
  • If you want to shift from prerecorded to live, start with one or two hour-long classes with no replays. 
  • Jason is exploring live online courses and training to continue to grow his business and to help students achieve success.



  1. You need students to be happy, complete the course, get results they’re proud of and your program will sell itself.
  2. Live online courses eliminate the ability for a student to consistently fall back on replays which happens when classes are available 24/7.
  3. In-person online training can be harder to scale but students are more likely to be engaged, complete the course and obtain results.



“Keep looking for ways to improve your business no matter what.” – Jason Duprat



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