Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast explains how business owners can achieve greater success by promising less. He stresses the importance of limiting customer expectations and then overdelivering to develop a fanbase. 



  • Ask yourself: How are you promising what you provide?
  • Businesses tend to exaggerate what they provide because they’re trying to sell their products or services.
  • Be conservative in your claims and don’t be a jack of all trades.
  • Don’t lower your bar of promises because that could hurt sales and marketing. Keep it reasonable and easily attainable.
  • If you focus on maintaining a “moderate” bar, 90% of your customers will have tremendous results. 
  • Customers who achieve great results or whose problems are solved by a business are more likely to become fans. 
  • Keep your promises small and focused. Deliver results and customers will return for more. 



  1. Underpromising makes it easier to meet customer expectations.
  2. Happy and satisfied customers are more likely to stick around and buy the other products or services of a business.
  3. It’s better to focus on being great in very specific areas.



“Keep your promises simple, small and focused.” – Jason Duprat

“Niche out.” – Jason Duprat



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