How do you know if a person is “right for the job?” In this episode, Jason A. Duprat teaches you never-before-heard secrets and best practices on his hiring process. Developed by his amazing Executive Assistant, Jason’s screening method pinpoints all the crucial factors to dig into before hiring someone, and we’ll even get to hear some of the interview questions he personally uses.  


  • Jason’s original screening method was to interview applicants based on character traits and then train them on whatever skills they’re lacking later on.
  • It costs a small fortune to train somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing. To save time on training, assess excellence from the very start.
  • After hours of searching for the perfect screening method to no avail, Jason and his team decided to create their own.
  • Jason’s executive assistant helped devise an extensive screening method fine-tuned to measure someone’s on-the-job competency.
  • This screening method’s questions were modelled after one of Amazon’s COO tests but were modified for the particular position needed.
  • You should hire for the character traits, but also look for those with skills at a higher level.
  • When creating these technical tests, get right down to the crucial question: “Can this person work do this job?”
  • As business owners, learn to embrace new perspectives. Take advice from your executive assistants and other team members.


  1. Make interviews more efficient by developing a streamlined screening method to test for on-the-job competency.
  2. Training costs a small fortune, so hire applicants who possess technical excellence from the very start.
  3. When hiring, get right down to the question: “Can this person do this job?”


“Training costs a small fortune. Hire those not only with good character traits but also with great technical skills from the get-go.” – Jason Duprat

“As business-owners, learn to embrace different perspectives. There’s a lot you can learn from your team members.” – Jason Duprat


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