Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy Podcast, shares details about his podcasting experience so far. In this behind-the-scenes episode, he lists the expenses involved in launching and maintaining a podcast and shares potential sources for generating income through the show.

 Episode Highlights: 

  • Jason talks about the substantial amount of money he’s invested to get the HEA podcast up and running.
  • What are the reasons Jason started his podcast?
  • What were the initial investments he made before launching?
  • Jason describes why he chose to work with podcasting coach Travis Chappell.
  • What equipment do you need to purchase to look and sound like a professional podcaster?
  • What are the recurring expenses involved in running a professional podcast?
  • Podcasting is an investment. Expect long-term results versus short-term.   
  • Ways to monetize a podcast include affiliate marketing and promoting courses and products as they’re developed.
  • Given enough time, you could run a podcast by yourself. However, Jason recommends doing it right and purchasing good equipment and utilizing a team for assistance.

 3 Key Points:

  1. Jason initially started the podcast as a marketing strategy. Throughout the launch process, he’s learned from other entrepreneurs.
  2. Jason made the decision to invest in a podcasting course and coaching before actually launching the HEA podcast. 
  3. Creating a professional podcast requires a substantial amount of work, including time and finances.

 Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Sometimes you have to pay to get in front of really experienced entrepreneurs to learn from them.” – Jason A. Duprat
  •  “Anytime you’re starting anything, the momentum is slow going.” – Jason A. Duprat
  • “If you plan to make it a long-term game, if you plan to go anywhere in the podcasting space, do it right.” – Jason A. Duprat

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