“I imagine a world in which AI is going to make us work more productively, live longer, and have cleaner energy.” – Fei-Fei Li

Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast, talks about the Rapid acceleration of Artificial Intelligence, the revolutionary wave it’s going to create, and how you could ride that wave to skyrocket your growth. In this episode, Jason shares his insights about OpenAI’s system called ChatGPT, how it works, and how people have utilized it to create amazing outputs.


  1. ChatGPT is a Large Language Model deveoped by OpenAI.
  2. Large Language Models are revolutionizing Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the world.


  • OpenAI released their ChatGPT model for free, but will eventually convert it to a paid service.
  • Large Language Models (LLMs) are revolutionizing Artificial Intelligence. 
  • You don’t have to be a developer or understand any code to interact with and use OpenAI’s Large Language Models.
  • As users interact with it, it gets smarter and learns how to create better output based on the prompts being input.
  • An example of how it works is software developers create entire software programs by prompting the A.I. step-by-step.
  • In the next five years, Sam Altman envisions that the app will be capable of doing even more advanced tasks, such as writing codes for apps without having to feed it step-by-step prompts.
  • The prediction is that, after years, this technology will bring forth the elimination of several jobs.
  • OpenAI has also developed an A.I. System called DALL·E capable of creating images and art.
  • A.I. is capable of creating outputs at the level of a human professional with decades of experience.
  • Sam Altman said that there are probably opportunities to create billion and trillion-dollar companies by fine-tuning their existing models for specific industries.
  • If you’re interested to try out the A.I. system for yourself, go to https://chat.openai.com/chat


“Artificial Intelligence will change a lot of industries drastically.” – Jason A. Duprat 

“Look at how you can leverage Artificial Intelligence to skyrocket your productivity, increase  your patient satisfaction, and provide better patient care.” – Jason A. Duprat


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