“Where focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins

Jason A. Duprat, MBA, CRNA, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Boss Academy podcast, sits down with Janine Kelbach, Educator, Author of Entreprenurse, CEO of Write RN, Host of Savvy Scribe Podcast, and Brand Owner of Savvy Nurse Writer. In this episode, Janine shares her story of pursuing several entrepreneurial passions, how she excelled at each, and her advice for all aspiring writers and entrepreneurs. If becoming a writer has crossed your mind, this episode is for you.


  • Janine took a Home Care position wherein she realized she loved the autonomy of scheduling her patients, being in charge, and using her skills such as time management, organization, and prioritizing.
  • Janine’s main focus shifted from Writing to Project Management and Communication with clients.
  • Write RN is a Business-to-Business relationship, and Savvy Nurse Writer is her business to Nurses (consumers) who want to write.
  • Janine wrote “Entreprenurse” to show that nurses can start businesses. She interviewed 30+ Nurses and shared their stories to inspire others.
  • Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows Google to find you better. Blogs can help drive traffic to your website. Come up with a content calendar where you have 3-5 buckets of information you can use.
  • Tools recommendation: Click Up, Asana, Trello, and other project management apps to make processes more efficient. Delegating your other tasks helps you focus on areas that best help your business grow.


“Keep reading, keep learning, keep following people who’ve figured it out a little bit.” – Janine Kelbach 

“The number one thing is to keep showing up. If you’re not committed to doing it, it’s never going to happen.” – Janine Kelbach 



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