Jason A. Duprat, MBA, CRNA, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Boss Academy, talks about the Product Life Cycle and what it means for your business. In this episode, we’ll learn how Cash Generation ties in with Cash Usage as Jason elaborates on the Growth Share Matrix and its four quadrants. Tune into this episode to learn more about leveraging your business income!


  • Jason uses the BCG matrix, a diagram that helps to put things into perspective what big companies go through when they have multiple products and divisions and they’re trying to work towards the following product or service line. The BCG Matrix is also referred to as the Growth Share Matrix. This applies to you if you have a business, big or small, whatever industry.
  • If you want to keep growing, you must leverage your Cash Cow’s revenue to start a new product or service line.
  • The problem with cash cows is that the product can die down. The delivery can get stale, and new competition can come in.”
  • You can’t just sit on one Cash Cow and expect it to last forever. What most businesses do is they’ll invest the money earned from that Cash Cow.
  • Throughout the episode, Jason discusses different services they’re working on as an example of how to leverage the BCG Matrix.
  • While this isn’t a hard rule, Jason suggests not putting all your time and investment into “Dogs” because that’s not where the business growth opportunities are.
  • Solving your existing customers’ problems is much better for ROI and increases your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).


“The Cash Cow is what your business leverages to produce the income necessary to develop, add, create, or build additional products or services.” – Jason A. Duprat

“Start with just one or two products or services. If you get really good at those, at some point, you’re going to develop a Cash Cow.” – Jason A. Duprat


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