#72: Tactical Tuesday: Triaging Email to Maximize Productivity


Jason A. Duprat, MBA, CRNA

Jason A. Duprat, MBA, CRNA

January 28, 2020

Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy Podcast talks about how to manage email on an ongoing basis as an entrepreneur. Jason shares email management options he’s explored, tools and tips for triaging email and the benefits of a virtual assistant in this process.  


Episode Highlights:

  • Jason talks about the struggle of handling the large volume of emails he receives as an entrepreneur. 
  • Jason has six different email accounts he reviews on a daily basis.    
  • What action did Jason take to handle the tremendous influx of emails he receives?  
  • Entrepreneurs are known to be control freaks, as they feel they should be hands-on with all aspects of the business, including reviewing and replying to email. It’s part of your brand. 
  • How does the email tool Inbox Pause work? 
  • Successful entrepreneurs like John Lee Dumas only respond to emails once a day and on their terms by preplanning it into their schedules. 
  • Jason talks about ways to triage your emails, including hiring a virtual assistant to help increase productivity. 


3 Key Points:

  1. The average entrepreneur spends between 10-13 hours a week reviewing and responding to emails. 
  2. Jason hired a virtual assistant several months ago who transitioned into handling email management.  
  3. Inbox Pause is an application that essentially blocks all of your inboxes so you can’t see the emails, preventing you from getting overwhelmed or distracted when you want to send a single, focused response. 


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “In the course, we’re giving instructions to send all log-in information, all tech support issues, all certificate requests, basically anything I don’t have to be involved with into those support inboxes to help sort of filter out the massive volume of emails.” – Jason A. Duprat
  • “If I had to guess I would say I probably average 100 to 150 emails a day I have to sift through, sort through and essentially triage.” – Jason A. Duprat
  • “Things that are super urgent that can really impact your business, should be triaged red. It has got to be addressed immediately. Things that can be pushed off are either yellow or green.” – Jason A. Duprat

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Jason A. Duprat, MBA, CRNA

Jason A. Duprat, MBA, CRNA


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