As we welcome my new son to the world I can’t help but think about my death.  Specifically what my children will think of me after I’m gone.

Will they look back with good memories?  

Will they wonder where I was all the time?  

Will they be proud of me?

I can’t know for certain but I can stack the deck in my favor.  That’s what building a business is all about to me.

I want to spend time with my children so that when they’re older they’ll come to me for advice and want to visit long after they’ve moved away from home.

I want them to know their dad was able to provide for them without sacrificing time with them.

I want to show them that if they work hard and chase their dreams they can have whatever they want.

Life is what we create.

I want them to not just know that I love them but to feel it, see it, and believe it.

I want my children to look up to me as an example of what to do as a parent.

These are the thoughts and questions bouncing around my head as our family grows.

And my focus shifts more and more to how do I create that kind of life, how do I structure my business to maximize the moments I get to spend with my family and enjoy my time with them.

To me, that’s the best part of entrepreneurship.  I get to be in complete control of designing my life exactly how I want.

Nothing more for this week.  I’m going to go spend some extra time with my family.

Until next week.

Jason Duprat, MBA, MSA, CRNA


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