Do you remember the ThighMaster craze in the 90s? After watching those commercials, you’d think they had discovered the holy grail of weight loss.

It’s hard to believe that trend took off, but it proves one thing: the public’s appetite for weight loss solutions is insatiable. And that’s not even touching on the more…eccentric trends that have come and gone.

But amidst the sea of fads, every once in a while, something emerges that captures serious attention—not just from hopeful consumers but from the medical community and investors alike.
Enter semaglutide.

While we’ve seen our fair share of “breakthroughs,” the conversation around semaglutide is different. It’s not just the buzz on social media or the latest health blogs; it’s the numbers that are turning heads.

Goldman Sachs projects a staggering 15 million adults will be on obesity medication by 2030, with the market ballooning to over $100 billion. And semaglutide is poised to take a significant share of this expanding pie.

But it’s not just about the financials. With over 40% of Americans grappling with obesity, the demand for effective treatments has skyrocketed. Semaglutide is emerging as a beacon of hope, not because of clever marketing, but because patients are actively seeking it out, driven by genuine interest and the desire for real solutions.

About 1.7% of the US population was prescribed semaglutide in 2023, a 40-fold increase over the past five years. This isn’t just a trend; it’s a paradigm shift in how we approach weight management in healthcare.

As semaglutide captures the public’s interest, it’s becoming clear that patients are not just curious…

But actively seeking information about it. In this era of preventive care and an increasing emphasis on health span over mere lifespan, your role as a clinic owner has never been more crucial.

Patients are turning away from impersonal hospitals and large healthcare systems, looking instead towards trusted local clinics for guidance. They’re counting on you to navigate through the noise of fleeting trends and pinpoint the genuine breakthroughs in treatment.

With semaglutide’s rising prominence, being well-informed and ready to discuss its potential with your patients is not just an advantage—it’s your responsibility.

Your patients are looking for answers. As their trusted healthcare provider, you are uniquely positioned to guide them toward solutions that truly work…

But also help them avoid falling for gimmicky treatments made believable with slick marketing campaigns that cost as much as a small nation (thanks Big Pharma)…

Have your patients started asking about semaglutide? Are you a believer and already started offering it, a skeptic, or somewhere in between still?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Hit reply and let us know. It’s something we’ve been keeping a close eye on.

To your success,
Jason A. Duprat, MBA, MSA, APRN, CRNA
& The Healthcare Boss Team

P.S. If Semaglutide is something you’ve had your eye on, stay tuned for more. We’ve been working on something we’re almost ready to share.