Did you know that 85% of leads don’t make their first purchase with a business until after 90 days? But most clinic owners (almost all business owners, actually) only follow up with their leads a few times…

(If you don’t own a clinic yet, you still want to know this. It’ll put you way ahead when you do open your doors.)

And no one can blame you for not wanting to call someone every week for the next 3 months. You’d spend your whole day leaving voicemails (most people prefer businesses to text).

A better solution is starting an email newsletter for a few key reasons.

  1. You build know, like, and trust with all your leads and customers with one email.
  2. You can become their go-to expert resource for your industry. Share insights, hot news, juicy gossip, or whatever else your audience cares about.
  3. Unlike social media, you know everyone on your list is going to get the email (as long as you have good list hygiene).

We know some of you might be groaning at the thought of an email newsletter, but that’s only because you’ve never subscribed to a good one.

Morning Brew, The Hustle, Sephora, and many others leverage email newsletters to create a raving fan base. It would shock you to see how much some of these newsletters have sold for recently (hint: billions).

The evidence is clear that people love email newsletters. But they don’t love bad email newsletters.

We’ve all found ourselves on that local business newsletter…
The one that only talks about themselves…
Tries to get you to buy something every time…
Or share weird facts about their personal life you’re not sure you needed to know…

But the way to avoid that is simple. Have real human conversations with your patients. Find out what information they want more of from you. Then, spend a few hours each week or month sharing those things with your list.

The purpose of your newsletter isn’t to get people to buy. It’s to create customers first. Big difference.

When you try to get people to buy, you spend a lot of time trying to convince people and hearing, “I’ll think about it.” But if you focus on creating a customer first, they’ll show up to their appointment ready to get started.

That doesn’t mean you can never share a promo or new service in your newsletter. You should, but it should be few and far between for maximum impact. When they’re ready, they’ll go out of their way to schedule an appointment.

What’s great about newsletters, too, is that they’re low effort and high leverage. Sending out a newsletter only requires you to sit down at your keyboard and type out an email. If you’re starting out and only have 50 people’s email, you can send it right from your Gmail.

But there are dozens of software programs out there that are great for sending newsletters that require zero tech experience. If you do spend an hour Googling around, you’ll find something that fits you.

We recommend anyone who has a clinic up and running start a newsletter. It doesn’t need to have a bunch of fancy graphics. All you need to do is share an insight your audience would find valuable.

A great place to start is sharing why you decided to open your clinic in the first place and how you want to help people in your community.

Set a goal of 400-500 words and see what you come up with. It doesn’t need to be perfect, a little unpolished makes you human and more likable.

The previous version of the Pulse Check Newsletter included 57 issues. They included a range of topics and stories around healthcare clinic ownership. All were simple text-based emails that our audience loved.

If you’d like to read a few for inspiration or get a better idea of what to expect in future issues, you can read them here. There’s tons of actionable business and maketing tips and strategies in there.

(It’s a Google doc right now, but if there’s enough interest, we might organize it into an ebook.)

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The Healthcare Boss Team