“Politeness costs nothing and gains everything.”

– Lady Montague

Jason A. Duprat, MBA, CRNA, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Boss Academy podcast, talks about the most effective ways of reaching out to others. In this episode, Jason shares his personal experience of receiving a not-so-conventional invite and how empathy, courtesy, and professionalism play crucial roles in communication. We also learn practices passed down from Jason’s Podcast Coach, Travis Chappell, who successfully invited Grant Cardone to his show.


  1. Be very brief. Avoid information overload.
  2. Do some research on who you’re reaching out to.
  3. Try different angles when reaching out.


  • If you’re meeting someone for the first time virtually, there are proper procedures, etiquette, or courtesies to follow.
  • When someone reaches out to you look at:
    • How courteous are they?
    • How professional are they?
    • Are their goals aligned with mine?
  • Be very brief. Avoid information overload during your initial reach-out.
  • Emphasize what value the end-user is going to receive.
  • Sometimes, it’s just a matter of being persistent and trying different angles.
  • Jason’s Podcast Coach, Travis Chappell, went from having no podcast to having famous people like Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuck.
  • Research to learn more about who you’re reaching out to and build rapport (Ex. Join their email list or find out what you have in common).
  • Jason recommends using Calendly or other scheduling tools for easier booking of appointments.
  • Since contacting Grant Cardone directly wasn’t working, Travis Chappell’s strategy was to reach out to Grant Cardone’s friends, business partners, and even his wife first.


“When reaching out, instead of forcing your way through the front door, look to the side door and backdoor.” – Jason A. Duprat

“When reaching out to someone, always be courteous, professional, and grateful.” – Jason A. Duprat


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