Obesity is a disease.

It’s not just a lifestyle issue.

Jason A. Duprat, MBA, CRNA, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Boss Academy podcast, sits down with Katherine Saunders, Co-Founder of Intellihealth, Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Obesity Medicine, and Host of the Weight Matters Podcast. Join us in this episode as we debunk the long-standing stigma surrounding obesity and learn more about Katherine and Intellihealth’s mission to bring accessible medical obesity care for all.


  • Katherine’s mentor had a predecessor company which she and her husband transitioned into Intellihealth, wherein they aim to democratize effective obesity treatment. Serving as a Primary Care physician, Katherine was overwhelmed with her patients’ weight-related diseases which inspired her to pursue Obesity Medicine.
  • Physiological and pathophysiological changes occur with excess weight that make it very difficult to lose weight and easy to gain weight.
  • Obesity Medicine is a newer field of medicine. There are only under 6,000 physicians who are certified in Obesity Medicine, which is astoundingly low considering how rampant obesity is in America.
  • The cornerstone of the field is dietary strategies, physical activity, and behavioral change. Medications come in only after comprehensive evaluations and needs assessments.
  • Katherine mentions the American Board of Obesity Medicine, Obesity Medicine Associate, and conferences available to learn more about the field.
  • She works closely with Software Developers in Intellihealth, combining two vastly different fields to make Obesity Medicine more accessible for all. One of their goals is to break the stigma, to educate people that obesity is a disease and not dependent on willpower alone.


“Obesity is a disease. It’s not just a lifestyle issue.” – Katherine Saunders

“When you factor in how fast technology is evolving, the future of medicine is extremely bright.” – Jason Duprat


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